Indigenous agricultural tools and equipment of Bangladesh


This book contains informations on various indigenous agricultural tools and appliances that are now used in different parts of the country. Pictorial views have been given in order that the readers get a perspective impression at the first look. Sufficient technical informations and basic data have been added which the research workers will find useful. This book does not cover the entire field of agricultural tools and appliances that are used in the farming system of this country. Those types which do not have indigenous origin and are not of traditional nature are excluded. Barring the above limitation the book is sufficiently comprehensive in bringing out all salient features and differences that exist in farming equipment of different places. For collection of materials the following method was followed. In each district generally three thanas (mostly not contiguous) were selected and in each thana not less than two villages were taken up for studv- Four farmers from each such village were selected, out of which two farmers had land holding of five acres or above and the others with holdings below five acres. Informations thus collected were then scrutinized and where wide variations were observed for the same category of implement, more than one type were selected to represent the district, otherwise the type which had the main features common with the others was chosen. This method of sampling has been followed to avoid making the book unnecessarily big and yet maintain the representative cha racter of its reference materials.

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Jan 1982
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FPMU Documentation Center
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